Noella Rain

Singer and Songwriter Noella Rain is back with another enthralling single titled ‘Masquerade’

Jukebox Time is today reviewing the new single by singer and songwriter Noella Rain. It is titled “Masquerade” and is an amazing song. Noella Rain’s vocals are surreal and mesmerizing. The surreal emotions are clearly evoked in this single because of her wonderful voice. The songwriting is distinct whereas the single has an element of amazing melodic structure. The lyrics are really meaningful and quite authentic. The arrangement is riveting and Noella Rain clearly showcases her versatility as a singer and songwriter in this single.

Other notable single’s by Noella Rain are Inception, Pixies and Huckleberry Finn. And they had the same amazing impact on listeners as did Masquerade.

We highly recommend this single as it will be a unique experience to listen to this amazing new single. Also, it is quite addictive when played on a loop mode!

Noella Rain is a Singer and Songwriter from New York City.

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