Poem Feature: Ganesha – Hand of Fate

In realms where ink and starlight blend,
A cosmic scribe, revered, transcends.
Ganesha, the great hand of fate,
Weaves tales in celestial slate.
With an elephant’s grace, wisdom profound,
He scripts the universe, stories unbound.
In his divine script, the galaxies twirl,
As cosmic verses unfurl.
Ganesha, the poet of eternal night,
In the vast cosmic library, his quill takes flight.
On scrolls of time, his words cascade,
A symphony of creation, in serenade.
In the ink of constellations, he dips his pen,
Crafting destinies, again and again.
On the parchment of planets, stories unfold,
A celestial manuscript, ages old.
With the moon as his lantern, and stars as his ink,
Ganesha’s quill dances, in rhythm sync.
The dance of creation, a celestial ballet,
He etches the dawn, and concludes the day.
The elephant-headed sage, with a tranquil gaze,
Navigates galaxies in a cosmic maze.
As the great scribe of the universe, he scribes,
Each heartbeat of existence, as it vibes.
In the cosmic script, the galaxies recite,
The tales of Ganesha, the poet of light.
A divine bard, in the celestial choir,
His verses resonate, higher and higher.
Oh, Ganesha, the great scribe divine,
In the cosmic library, your words entwine.
On the parchment of time, your stories are spun,
A saga of creation, forever begun.

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