Embarking on an Auditory Journey: The In-Depth Review of SC4Real’s Album ‘Hypermode’


Jukebox Time is featuring SC4Real’s latest album titled “Hypermode.” As the name suggests, it promises an intriguing sonic journey, kicking off with the opening track “The Warm Up.” It seems that after a long wait, music lovers’ desire for new compositions from SC4Real is finally satisfied, with “The Warm Up” setting the tone for a unique auditory experience.

“Now or Never,” the second track on the album, stands out with its distinct storytelling aspect, ingrained through captivating and slightly cajoling synths born from creative experimentation. Meanwhile, “Alive,” a scintillating track, showcases SC4Real’s current position in his creative sojourn. The beats are wonderful, but it’s his vocal delivery that truly elevates the track to another level, offering a flow that is sublime, smooth yet alluring. It is apparent that SC4Real has a knack for capturing listeners’ attention with his vocal tone, which becomes a cajoling feature of the album “Hypermode.”

“Mamba Mentality” takes a unique stance, vibrating with energy and demonstrating an extreme power in SC4Real’s delivery, as if he is channeling a hidden force to convey a necessary message. Another notable track, “The Night,” proves to be mind-blowing, fostering a sort of addiction to its sound.

Comprising 20 tracks in total, “Hypermode” offers an immersive auditory experience, not for the faint of heart. It seems designed for listeners to don their headphones or set up their speakers and get ready to embark on an experiential journey with SC4Real.

Notable tracks that deserve a mention include “Its Your Energy,” “A Winners Anthem,” “Live It Up,” and many more. The impact of “Hypermode” lingers even after the music stops, leaving a resonating echo that encourages listeners to explore it for themselves. Carve out some time to indulge in this stunning sonic sojourn.

Stream it now on Apple Music, and don’t forget to follow the artist on his official social media channels for the latest updates.

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