Skeezy Scott and Just Rich Gates’ single “Hollywood Nights”

Skeezy Scott and Just Rich Gates

Jukebox Time is today featuring the new single by artists Skeezy Scott and Just Rich Gates. It is titled Hollywood Nights. And the single incorporates myriad aspects of the title itself. The single starts with exquisite lyrics, “Rockstar life living like a movie star…Flying down the boulevard they know who we are”, alluring the listener quite brilliantly about what the single comprises of! The riveting melody and sublime delivery by the artists is marvelous and exemplary. The laid-back vibe with engrossing beats is totally spectacular.

The storyline in the lyrics depicts a peculiar Hollywood Night. And when compared to other notable songs by the artists it seems Hollywood Night has a distinct arrangement and music lovers would definitely look forward to their upcoming album Tony Richtana 3 Project!

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