Exclusive: Stylusboy’s new Single Release Electrifies the Airwaves, Inspired by a Centenarian’s Tale of Resilience


On the 5th of May, the music world witnessed an auditory gem as the latest single ‘Fourteen Days’  by the enigmatic artist Stylusboy burst onto the scene. Inspired by the incredible story of John, a 102-year-old blind man who defies limitations with his indomitable spirit of survival, the single resonates with strength and resilience. The song narrates John’s harrowing WWII tale of surviving 14 days on wild edibles after being shot down behind enemy lines, only to narrowly escape execution upon return, as he was mistaken for a spy.

The harmonious fusion of ethereal vocals and resplendent guitar riffs transported listeners to aural nirvana, capturing the essence of euphoria in every note. This transcendent masterpiece artfully entwines the silken threads of emotion, weaving a soundscape that reverberates with soulful resonance. The single’s profound depth and exquisite craftsmanship bespeak a musical genius poised to redefine the auditory landscape.

Truly, Stylusboy’s new single exemplifies the fusion of inventive musicianship and unrestrained fervor.

About the artist: Hailing from Coventry, singer-songwriter Steve Jones, who performs under the lauded moniker Stylusboy, masterfully crafts soul-stirring indie folk tunes infused with tender lyrics and heartwarming melodies.

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