Artist Aakash Sansare’s sensational yet evocative single “Falling Apart”

Aakash Sansare

Jukebox Time is today featuring artist Aakash Sansare’s new track. It is titled Falling Apart and is a sublime number with intriguing sonic variety. The intro is subtle with uncanny sound patches that are totally exuberant. The soft and intoxicating melody slowly cajoles us into this spectacular musical journey. The emotions that Aakash conveys through his music seems to be raw and stems from his own subjective psyche which truly showcases his artistic caliber! In fact it is difficult to bring forth those hidden gems from the heart and convert it into music. However, Aakash delivers a tasteful and energized sonic variety that in reality is hard to recreate!

Overall, Aakash Sansare’s music has that unique tinge of explorative blend which is certainly the most distinct aspect of his music.

His music is now streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Aakash Sansare is an artist from Ahmednagar, India. He produces Lo-Fi Hip Hop music and finds inspiration from many places for his tracks.

“I produce art as a result of me seeing people suffering from a lot of pain and  problems therefore I want to comfort them through my music.” – Aakash Sansare.

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