Featured: The mesmerizing music of James Robinson!

James Robinson

Jukebox Time is today featuring the stunning music of James Robinson. Known for his albums Electric Project and New Beginnings, James Robinson’s single Azul Sky – Smooth Radio Mix is a pure melodious musical extravaganza in itself. The single truly showcases the virtuosity of James Robinson as an impeccable guitarist. The pristine melody allures us into taking a unique sonic excursion that James consciously crafted for music lovers. The blend of marvelous tempo, distinct tune and multi-genre mood enhances the overall experience that the listener feels while listening to Azul Sky. Compared to the original version of this song, the radio mix contains an ornate yet quite sublime string section. And it seems this is what makes this single remarkable and on top of that, the multiple creative blends of Jazz, Flamenco and Latin are ingrained at regular intervals throughout the song!

Overall, Jukebox Time highly recommends Azul Sky – Smooth Radio Mix and James Robinson’s music. 

The single is currently streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Northern California bred and based guitar virtuoso and true musical citizen of the world James Robinson launches the next phrase of his multi-faceted career with three unique and eclectic albums on Innervision Records. An unabashed spirit of genre transcendence – including but not limited to Latin, global music, jazz, flamenco, Middle Eastern, rock and classical – is the driving force behind these recordings, each reflecting different aspects of his artistry. The first, New Beginnings, earned raves from three-time Grammy winning hard rock/metal maestro Steve Vai, who signed Robinson to his Favored Nations Acoustic label to release the album Colours in 2005. 

For more details follow the artist on his official social media:

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