Recommended reading: “Violette, Your Shoes are on Backward!” by Marie Salas

Violette, Your Shoes are on Backward!

Jukebox Time is today featuring the new book by author Marie Salas. Violette, Your Shoes are on Backward! is an illustrated children’s book. The author’s granddaughter inspired her to write this children’s book.

About the book: Rhyming isn’t just fun for your child; it also teaches them how language and sounds within words work as they eagerly anticipate the next rhyming word. Also, children generally respond better to rhyme than to plain disconnected words, and this children’s book has all the rhyme your child needs!

“Violette, Your Shoes are on Backward! Is book 1 of a 5 book series. I will release book 2 in the upcoming months. Later, I will be working on a bilingual children’s book to expand my audience.” – Marie Salas.

The book is now available on Amazon!

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  1. I not only enjoyed reading this funny, well written book but I’m super proud of my BFF ( Author) for an amazing book that will make children excited to read and make them laugh.

    I look forward to reading the next book etc and sharing with my grandkids

    Thank you for pushing yourself and doing what your passion is ! I’m so very proud of you

    Please go and Support this amazing Author

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